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Right from pre production to post production, films is taking centre stage. Whether it is to promote a product or engage with the audience, videos are rapidly becoming the primary way consumers and brands are communicating online. Films and Video engages with consumers on another level, entertaining and inspiring them.

Pre Production
  • ♦   Concept Development
  • ♦   Script Writing
  • ♦   Script Consultation
  • ♦   Storyboarding
  • ♦   Casting
  • ♦   Location Scouting
  • ♦   Securing Location Permits
  • ♦   Scheduling and Planning
  • ♦   Budgeting

Whether you need help ideating a concept or scouting a location,
Red Swan Media’s pre-production process helps you accurately plan and envision your project from day one

  • ♦   Commercials
  • ♦   Short Films
  • ♦   Documentaries
  • ♦   Music videos
  • ♦   Corporate Videos

We have years of video production experience of producing content for a variety of businesses; our team has both the technical skill and passion for creating content that engages and entertains. Shot in ultra-sharp 4K format, our talented team of storytellers can help you develop a variety of video content including

Post Production
  • ♦   Video Editing
  • ♦   Colour Correction & Colour Grade
  • ♦   Audio Master and Sound Design
  • ♦   Professional Voice Over Recording

Equipped to state of the art technology along with a highly passionate team, can deliver video content in almost every format. Red Swan Media offers a full array of film post-production services.

At Red Swan Media, our modus operandi assumes a fine blend of creativity and emerging tech to infuse life into animated character designs for sheer delight. Akin to any creative process, planning and executing a successful animation project calls for a comprehensive understanding of details, research on character design, background creation, effective styling for layouts, modeling, sketching, color, and final rendering of characters. Our dedicated team across each stage of the development process ensures your final product is captivating to the core. Some of our key offerings include.


Red Swan Media has emerged to be a leading name in the animation industry offering a wide gamut of innovative creations across caricatures, character designs, logos, 2D and 3D graphics, storyboards, and much more.

From websites to cine clips, full-length movies to short features, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art animation lab and best-trained industry minds to offer a compelling service.

2D Animation

A classic choice, by all means, 2D character design reinforces the power of computer-backed old good traditional tech. From using 2D vectors and bitmap graphics, we resort to come-of-age methods like onion skinning, morphing, interpolated rotoscoping, tweening, and much more to shape up the desired character.

3D Animation

Are you looking for a full-blown up 3D explainer video for your product? Or looking to create a 3D character for your new animation movie? You are looking at the right place!

Our 3D animations bespeak a saga of unrivaled expertise that has made companies put their trust in us. From efficient detailing, modeling, rendering, and sculpting, we promise you a whole new world of excitement.

Flash animation services

Flash animations are a popular choice for systems running on low bandwidth. Interactive website intros and other forms of multimedia owe it all to flash animations.

Our flash animators have mastered the art of strategically integrating vector art and making way to deliver a polished and functional output.

Animated storyboards

Our animated storyboards have helped multiple brands save thousands of dollars invested in animation production.

Simply put, animated storyboards harp on the idea of forecasting film sequences prior to the actual shooting. This helps the entire filming crew, especially the cinematographers and directors, to foresee and plan how they want a scene to be shot.

Be it the loose line based or photorealistic, our storyboard designers employ a wide style of coloring techniques to achieve the effect. It is the pre-visualizing element of an animated storyboard that helps in the effective planning of a motion picture, music video.