About us

Red Swan Media Pte Ltd. is registred company in Singapore, and one of the top specialized video production company based in Singapore. Singapore is one of the best options for production houses providing services for all aspects of film and television production. Starting from pre-production like casting as well as line production and even helping with stablishing network with global distribution channels.

Singapore is an exotic destination for any film production company, and we at Red Swan Media have on-site producers that are always ready to offer support.

Please feel free to contact us for producing your film in Singapore we have creative young professional team to assist you with.

Why Choose Red Swan Media Pte Ltd ?

All Film Production Services At One Place.

Curious to explore new perspectives

At Red Swan Media Pte Ltd,we are confident that a great idea comes from conversation, exploration and research. It never starts by hitting the record button. It is through our unrelenting curiosity and willingness to consider new perspectives that genuinely sets us apart from other Film production companies.

Collaboration is key

Right from ideation to post-production, our team works side by side with video production professionals including; storyboard artists, photoraphers, videographers, grip crews, talent, colourists and sound designers.

Marketing is not about selling products anymore

Time has changed, and experts are predicting that 70% of all internet traffic will be imputed towards video. By investing in our video production services, you can connect with your customers where they live. Digital storytelling not only sparks that relationship, but it can also evolve it.

Film Production Quality

We get it. Digital film /video technology continues to evolve, So do we. Using powerful 4k digital cinema cameras and staying up to date with the latest production equipment, we will create beautiful moving pictures.